Terms and Conditions, and Liability Waiver

Terms and Conditions

All funds, except for donations,  are used for club operation. The directors and officers of the club are volunteers and are not remunerated.  Eastman ATV Association reserves the right to cancel or refuse membership or an order at any time, without notice, due to conduct not consistent with club policy.  Each member is expected to portray a safe and responsible attitude while riding ATV’s and to respect the environment around themselves. Machines used on rides must be in good working order and must have a spark arrester.

Liability Waiver

You hereby finally and irrevocably releases Eastman ATV Association Inc. from all liability and cause of action from damages, loss or injury sustained, however arising, present and future, known and unknown at this time, relating to Eastman ATV Association Inc. and including its directors, executive members, and associate partnerships. You also agrees to ride with the club and participate in club related functions at your own risk.

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