Month: February 2021

Eastman ATV March Update

Correction from last month Feb Update; its – Robert Nuttall, not Richard that accepted the nomination to sit on the nomination committee, and in addition he will be leading some of the rides. Leading rides requires several skills including GPS & radio crew coordination, we will all support Robert and appreciate the extra time Robert and all Rolland’s Ride Crew to hosts such enjoyable rides. Speaking of Rolland’s Ride Schedule…

See attached Ride Schedule

This year will be 2021 members only, sorry no open rides. It’s going to be a great riding year with our 1st ride on the Eastman ATV Trail. You will get a copy of the exact EATV trail on our color brochure when you receive your membership, I will send you an email before the ride with that date specific information you need to enjoy the ride.

ATV Ride for Mom – Update coming March 13th … – Ride tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 5th

Thank you Members of Eastman ATV

If this is your 5th year as a member of Eastman ATV, congratulations, you will receive a “Member 5 Years Decal” A small way of saying thank you, for being part of Eastman ATV. If you have been a member for 5 years or more and you do not get a decal with your new membership, please let me know, I will correct it. You are all part of our success today in one way or another! A genuine thank you!

10 year membership will be celebrated at our annual Steak and Spud Wind Up we are expecting to have, see the event schedule. It would be great to see you 5 and 10 year members at the wind up, pencil it in please. Again we await a change in indoor restrictions before we confirm the event.

Trail Maintenance and Development

Maintenance and development are ongoing, we applied for the “Building Sustainable Communities Program” a 50/50 grant, and we are in communications with Provincial land managers regarding ongoing projects.


$45 online for membership at

All members receive a “Membership / Voluntary Trail Pass ” decal, 2021 Eastman ATV Membership card, an official Eastman ATV Trail map along with the monthly scheduled rides, see attached.

We have T-shirts, hats and toques for $20 each.

Eastman ATV February 2021 Update

What’s new for February on your board of directors?
Richard Nuttall has accepted the nomination to sit on the nomination committee. Richard is passionate about Eastman ATV, he recognizes the direction of the club, and the goodwill it generates. Richard takes his position as Director seriously and is involved in the board’s actions and has become very active on the ride crew.
Bill Marsh has accepted the nomination of Secretary. Bill has been riding Eastern Manitoba trail for many years and knows the Sandilands in great detail. Bill has helped at the Ride for Mom registration for many years, thank you Bill.

Membership Registration Open
We have opened our online family membership. One price $45, same as always, continues to provide a great value package. Please join online at it’s less work for our volunteers online and it’s more accurate as it’s only entered once, by you. Considering we have a membership forecast of 150 memberships, supporting online registration, its the only way we can continue to grow. Online renewals are easy to complete, we have the info you gave us, change it if you need to. From people who want to join the club for the rides, or who want to become more active on the board and/or committee’s; to people who don’t have interest in club rides but would like to support our trail development and maintenance: this club’s for you. What is included in membership? We will have a schedule of about 8 events, mostly club rides to enjoy and to become a part of. If you are helping on pre-rides you will get double the rides. There will be more information next month, with the Ride Schedule!
Members will receive our package in the mail. Included is 1 -ATVMB sticker, 1 – 4 ” Eastman ATV “Membership /Trail Pass Decal”, a membership card, showing your name, number, and current year, (it can be taken in for a 10% insurance discount on your ORV at Toys Are Us Insurance.), an EastmanATV membership brochure with ORV information, and a map of the official Eastman ATV Trail.
Once you become a member, you will receive a Members Ride Update email every riding month. The update will provide details of the upcoming ride and member specific information. In addition,you will receive the general monthly Eastman ATV Update, that goes to the wider Eastman ORV community.

Please go online and get your membership at 

ORV Maintenance:
If you haven’t done it, schedule your ORV maintenance now. Don’t be caught overheating or worse on a group ride or small group. New or old, any brand, they are all fun as long as they run. On top of taking care of your own machine many members carry various parts, that’s being prepared for anything. Maintenance and preparation is an enjoyable part of group rides, be prepared and then it’s way more fun.

Looking forward to the rides ahead!

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