Month: January 2022

Eastman ATV January 2022 Update

Best wishes for the New Year for all, Happy New Year to you and your families. I hope you were able to spend time together and see friends and loved ones. My family brings to mind my ATV family, and the many friends we all have in each other. Eat well, enjoy those around you, and we can all look forward to seeing each other in the 2022 riding season.

2022 Eastman ATV memberships are available online, sales are now open for the 2022 riding season. Due to ongoing increase in our costs we are increasing membership dues to $50. Membership is now open and we have already had a few members sign up to test the system, all is working. We are early, I know the club will grow a little more this year, so It’s good to start rebuilding our membership so we can make the best ride plan for the year. We will again provide a full ride season schedule with locations and dates for the year. 

Give a friend or relative the gift of membership,  we have exciting announcements on offering additional  rides styles, stay tuned.

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