AGM Report 2018

I would like thank all the members that came out to the Eastman ATV AGM last Sunday on April, 8th we had two guest speakers attend the AGM supporting Eastman ATV.

Maranda Rosko presented for Bob Lagasse MLA for Dawson Trail. He had positive words of support for Eastman ATV and membership.
Yvonne Harder, Eastman Safety Services; Presented a safety orientation on there services and there items of interest to the club and our ridership. We look forward in setting up a safety program for our ridership in the near future.
I would like to extend a thank you to all the board members for volunteering and to help build and move this club forward in 2018.

President: Dave Lee (two year)
Vice President: Calvin Egg (one year)
Treasurer: Denise Cassell (one year)
Recording Officer: Greg Gowryluk (two year)
Director 1: Dave Menard (two year)
Director 2: Lillian Grenier (one year)
Director 3: Roland Fillion (two year)
Director 4: Terry Kalunzy (one year)
Trail Director: Gary Greenaway (two year)

Dave thanked Jo Hebert for all her hard work and commitment to the club. She will be sorely missed.

2018 Membership Renewal CLICK HERE 
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