Eastman ATV December Update

With another ATV season behind us, I hope everyone was able to get out with your riding group, and enjoy some great ATV experiences. Fortunately, there were a substantial  number of good days that permitted backwoods travel after being closed all summer. The Eastman ATV Ride Schedule had many challenges. First, we had to deal with COVID and group size. Scheduling became a real scramble and required a lot of planning. Following COVID guidelines required us to split the group into two to meet group meetings outdoors regulation. A second challenge was the fire ban, which was in place for part of June, all of July and Aug. Once again, we were fortunate to be able to reschedule in September and provide members with a new ride schedule. We had 30 machines or more for all rides with some over 60. All rides were scheduled to take place on different routes. We rode  mostly what seemed easy routes for most this past year. The water level being so low this year allowed different riding. The bottom line is the  Ride Crew worked hard and delivered a full ride season!   Thank you Ride Crew!!!

Eastman ATV had its 2nd Annual Steak & Spud Windup at the Lorette Hotel. It was a fantastic success! A big thank you to everyone who attended, and a special “thank you” to all the companies that donated all the great door prizes! At the 1st Windup we sold 80 tickets. This year we sold 140 tickets and raised $5,200. for Eastman ATV. WOW! It turned out extremely well, better than imagined. I hope next year we can lose the masks and mingle after all the prizes have been handed out. Thanks again to Roland Fillion for putting this event together, and, the rest of the team, for helping out. So nice to see so many good friends.

Sled season is here, so our trails are closed. There are many riders who ATV year around. For instance, in Quebec the winter ATV season is bigger than the summer ATV season! Someday it would be nice to have our own snow groomer for ATV trails. Nothing wrong with dreaming! 

Seasons Greetings & have a great December

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