Eastman ATV December Update

Hello to Eastman ATV and friends
Seasons Greetings!

It’s been a good riding season, we were able to complete all but one of our rides, we had great times on the rides and at the Eastman Bud Spud Fundraiser Dinner. Over all very sucessful.  I think our rides get a little better every year and being organized makes it a safer experience too.

The Trail was closed for an unprecedented high water level in a number of areas on our trail, never seen it like this before. Not a lot we can or could have done about it, one thing for sure, every year is different on our trail. As we acquire equipment we will be able to restore the trail to make it passable sooner than later.

We paid off our Tractor!!! through our various fundraising requests. A big Thank you to everyone for supporting Eastman ATV!!!  Thank you to the Eastman ATV board for decisive action and supporting of those actions with everything to do with this deal. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for us now, a great match to our dump buggy. There are lots of photos already of the many hours of work it has done. Congratulations Eastman ATV!!!

Great ideas and actions were taken to make this happen and by paying this off briskly we continue to demonstrate responsible business ethics. EATV is in a strong financial situation as far as managing the fundraising and grants that we have worked hard to to develop. We try to match every single dollar to matched grants where we can.  Whether it is 30% or 50% matched, whatever we can apply for. The tractor had no grant assistance, just smart and hard work.

Our board is now 10 voting members. We are preparing for a new season and I will be sending a volunteer task list out in the new year.  Being specific in our tasks for volunteers has helped people decide if it’s a fit for them or not. Please don’t be afraid,  meeting new people is healthy, meeting new people and being helpful is rewarding with Eastman ATV.

The RM Ditch Clean Up was a repeatable success, Wow what a home run event, looking forward to doing it again next year.!

I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season this December, and we have some great news coming up….

Don C. Eidse
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