Time to Take Action, Eastman ATV & ATV MB

Don’t take your riding area for granted!
Just look around the web or on one of the online Off Road forums. As an ORV rider it is up to you 🚹 to protect your privilege to ride Crown land here in Canada. “DON’T TAKE THIS for GRANTED”
Alberta’s exciting developed ORV trails are prosed to be phased out with in two to five years in a new designated park management plan.
 Alberta NDP, Wildland Provincial Park sparks anger to Remove ORV Trails Click Here for more info on this article !
Renew your membership with Eastman ATV today and add your voice to the cause. Supporting responsible riding on sustainable trails.
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ATV MB  will be holding their AGM on March, 18th Please consider attending this very important meeting. This is your opportunity to make a difference.
Click Here for more information and the agenda for this very important meeting.

IT IS Up To YOU  to protect your riding area, take action today by adding your voice to cause.

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