Author: Gary Greenaway

ATV Trails Closed

It’s that time of year againl. We will be installing TRAIL CLOSED signs next week and maintenance will cease until spring. I urge Off Road vehicles other than a snowmobile with snowpass plate to refrain from riding on designated groomed Snowman trails.

Eastman ATV Accountable to Maintain Trail

Eastman ATV is the first ATV organization that has been held accountable for the maintenance and repairs to the trails in the Sandilands Provincial Forest.  No other groups have been held accountable to this level.  Maintenance and repairs take place in the spring, before and after an ATV event and in the fall.

Before ATV events, Sustainable Development (Manitoba Conservation) requests Eastman ATV carry out repairs to specific areas of the trail. Further, grading of certain intersections was also required immediately after the ride.  All these repairs and upgrades of the trail were completed. In the last two Ride for Mom, (RFM), events, thousands of dollars has been spent for preparation and repairs of the trail system. Contractors, rental machines and supplies such as, a granular material, geo cell and geo tech were required.  A bridge had to be built for the first RFM then widened the following year to accommodate the wider side-by-sides.  Eastman ATV is committed to this pilot project of developing a sustainable trail system for all user groups to share and enjoy. This has been done with dedicated volunteers who have spent countless hours to ensure that all Government criteria are followed.

We have to follow all Provincial Forestry and Crown Land permit requirements. This includes Eastman ATV have environmental spill kits, fire extinguishers, safety training and wear appropriate PPE to carry out these repairs.

These items become very expensive to carry out with no sustainable funding in place.  Please consider renewing your membership with Eastman ATV as your membership dollars are needed and used to help continue this project of developing a viable sustainable trail system in the Sandilands Provincial Forest.

Gary Greenaway
Trail Director


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