Eastman ATV Trail Cleanup Ride

We are having our Eastman ATV/ Unsmoke Canada trail clean up and ride this Saturday Sept 11/21. The event will start at 9am at the Eastman staging area just off hwy 1.

There will be coffee and donuts to get things started and a trail lunch provided for the first 50 people to attend. (We normally don’t get 50 so come out). We are excited to be partnered with Unsmoke Canada for this event.

We will be forming groups and the first part of the day will be doing the clean up followed by the trail lunch then we will conclude with a ride.  I look forward to seeing everyone and meeting some of our newest members. This is the first time we have a sponsor for our Trail Clean Up, I’m sure it won’t be our last. See you all on Saturday Sept 11th !!!

Please contact Bill Marsh bmarsh@eastmanatv.com and let him know if you are planning to attend, (that way we can order more sandwiches if we need) or just come out.Come out and meet your friends in the outdoors, we would like to see each other.

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