Motorized backcountry Travel Restrictions “REMAIN IN PLACE”

Manitoba Media Bulletin

May 18, 2018


Manitoba Sustainable Development advises that recent rains and an improved weather forecast has allowed some burning restrictions to be lifted in southeast Manitoba, while some other restrictions still remain due to the high risk of fires.

For the eastern region, from PR 302 to the Ontario border and from the Trans-Canada Highway south to the U.S. border the daytime campfire restrictions have been lifted.  Motorized backcountry travel restrictions remain in place.

In addition, backcountry travel restrictions have been added to the Porcupine Provincial Forest as well as the area bordered by Lake Winnipeg and Poplar River, east to the Ontario border and south to the Wanipigow River.

Campfire restrictions have been lifted in the south Whiteshell Provincial Park campgrounds (Caddy Lake, Falcon Beach, Falcon Lake-Lakeshore, Falcon Lake-Toniata Beach and West Hawk).  Campfires in north Whiteshell Provincial Park campgrounds (Brereton Lake, Dorothy Lake, Nutimik Lake, Opapiskaw, Otter Falls and White Lake) are still restricted to burning between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.  Be sure to check with the local campground office for the latest information.

All other travel and fire restrictions remain in place.  A list of parks with campfire restrictions can be found at  Visitors to provincial parks should check with park staff for the most up-to-date information.

A map of the areas affected and a detailed description of the provincial fire and travel restrictions can be found at  Local municipalities may also implement burning bans or fire restrictions.  Check with local municipal offices or visit for more information.

For further general information on fire status, maps, burning permit cancellations or other restrictions go to or follow the Twitter account at

For additional information on these restrictions, contact the nearest Manitoba Sustainable Development office.  To report a wildfire, call 911 or the toll-free T.I.P. line at 1-800-782-0076.

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