Our Trail is “Closed” Eastman ATV, November, 15th

Winter is upon us and the riding season has come to a close for most of us.
The Eastman ATV trail system shares a portion of the trail with the snowmobile club, this portion of the trail will be closed to ATV traffic as of November, 15th. With the early snow this year we ask that you respect the closer and give the snowmobile club a great riding season. Please respect the shared portion of the trail system.
We don’t patrol or maintain the trail in the winter months, therefore we have no trail conditions available for the rest of our trail system.
You may travel the rest of the Eastman ATV trail system as you wise as there is no legislation stopping you from accessing the provincial forest any time of the year we just ask that you respect the snowmobile trail system as an ATV can damage the trail and raise safety concerns for the snowmobile-ers. So in closing this seasonal closer is a policy rather then legislation. You could say it is a gentlemen’s agreement. With respect to other trail users.
Ride safe see you in the spring

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