Eastman ATV June Update

Covid restrictions have suspended the group rides, and now a fire ban. Cant ride so have a read and see the attachments, I hope to see you on the trail soon. Today should be the Ride for Mom, further disappointment. I look forward to the ride to come.

Attached is the ATVMB Safety Brochure along with ATVMB Trail Etiquette.

As an active member of ATVMB we have the same or similar values as our Provincial partner, and we value having provincial standards and best practices to provide the best for membership.

ATV/Quad Safety Week June 10 to 18th is a product and public relations initiative of the Canadian Quad Council and its provincial member organizations, engaging all ATV, ROV, and OHV users along with key media outlets throughout Canada. By sharing best practices, tools, and resources we will strengthen our sports safe culture. Safe choices impact our families, and the communities in which we recreate. Let’s become united in our sport to continuously improve safety and awareness so that each rider returns home safe after every ride. Together, we can build a stronger, safer Sport.

2021 CAMPAIGN THEME When we think about safety in the OHV community, we first think about things like helmets and goggles as well as riding areas and any current government/municipal restrictions.

Please support Safety week by joining a club $45 online, for membership at

Eastman ATV Group Scheduled RSVP Rides
Currently on hold until outdoor restrictions permit gatherings of 10 or more people outside.
Please remember to RSVP Group Ride, that will be a normal requirement as headcount is critical for the season I expect

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