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Eastman ATV June Update

Covid restrictions have suspended the group rides, and now a fire ban. Cant ride so have a read and see the attachments, I hope to see you on the trail soon. Today should be the Ride for Mom, further disappointment. I look forward to the ride to come.

Attached is the ATVMB Safety Brochure along with ATVMB Trail Etiquette.

As an active member of ATVMB we have the same or similar values as our Provincial partner, and we value having provincial standards and best practices to provide the best for membership.

ATV/Quad Safety Week June 10 to 18th is a product and public relations initiative of the Canadian Quad Council and its provincial member organizations, engaging all ATV, ROV, and OHV users along with key media outlets throughout Canada. By sharing best practices, tools, and resources we will strengthen our sports safe culture. Safe choices impact our families, and the communities in which we recreate. Let’s become united in our sport to continuously improve safety and awareness so that each rider returns home safe after every ride. Together, we can build a stronger, safer Sport.

2021 CAMPAIGN THEME When we think about safety in the OHV community, we first think about things like helmets and goggles as well as riding areas and any current government/municipal restrictions.

Please support Safety week by joining a club $45 online, for membership at

Eastman ATV Group Scheduled RSVP Rides
Currently on hold until outdoor restrictions permit gatherings of 10 or more people outside.
Please remember to RSVP Group Ride, that will be a normal requirement as headcount is critical for the season I expect

Eastman ATV April Update

It’s going to be a great riding year with our 1st ride on the Eastman ATV Trail. You will get a copy of the exact EATV trail on our color brochure when you receive your membership. I will send you an email, before the ride, with specific information to help you enjoy the ride. The 1st ride we ask members not to invite guests as we need to keep our number of people in check, and we will send an update before the ride.

ATV Ride for Mom
Is canceled this year due to Covid 19. We look forward to Saturday, June 4th, 2022.

Trail Maintenance / Environmental Development

We have attached our work schedule and will update as necessary. If you want to come and help, feel free! Our members are welcome to come and join the fun!
We know, that if good trails are available, the majority of the ORV community will use and enjoy them. A healthy, properly developed trail plan, provides manageable environmental protection, allowing for regrowth. Trails can be moved if needed for environmental management reasons. Having the majority of traffic on maintained trails, is the healthiest long term protection of untouched environments.

Duration; March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022
$45 online for membership at
All members receive a “Membership / Voluntary Trail Pass ” decal, 2021 Eastman ATV Membership card, and an official Eastman ATV Trail map.

First Aid
Eastman ATV is planning on holding a St Johns First Aid course. If interested in joining us, please let me know. I can say that I am glad to be here doing my part to support organized ATV riding. Thank you Eastman ATV members for your team work

ATVMB March Update

Greetings Everyone,

With the snow quickly on the wane, if not fully gone, the 2021 riding season is upon us and it’s no surprise there’s already people out taking advantage of the fantastic weather. We’re also coming up on the ATVMB Annual General Meeting which will be held in April. Due to ongoing uncertainty with public health orders, this year’s meeting will be held virtually as it was last year. Although it cannot replace the social energy of an in-person meeting, it allows people more flexibility with their attendance not having to travel to a destination. I approach this year’s AGM with both melancholy and optimism.

Sadly, my time serving ATVMB has come to an end. It is common for organizations to apply term limits to its board of directors, for good reason. All organizations are vulnerable to stagnation when the players don’t change, therefore it’s vitally important to allow that change to happen in order to bring new people and perspectives to the table. I have had the honor of serving on the ATVMB board of directors for six years, the past nearly four and a half serving as president. During that time we’ve made strides getting our sustainable funding plan moving forward with the government and have started participating as a voice for ATV enthusiasts regarding the government’s future vision for recreational trails in Manitoba. With life slowly returning to normal as people are vaccinated against COVID we are optimistic that these plans will come to fruition.

More than that, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to meet, associate and talk to many people during various rides and events. Whether it be the Iron Man run on the Interlake Pioneer Trail, attending the Outdoor Show, cruising through the Sandilands forest in the southeast or just heading out with a couple of people, it’s been a pleasure to engage with so many people from various backgrounds all joined in a common interest.

Even with COVID inhibiting many organizations from realizing their full potential, some very good things have come from it. When ATVMB realized we would not be able to meet in person due to public health orders, we subscribed to the Zoom service in order to conduct board meetings virtually. Although when able we will return to periodic in-person meetings, the current plan is to use Zoom almost exclusively as we found that it provides a significant amount of flexibility in allowing people to serve on the board. Especially for those living in the rural areas where travel can be prohibitive. It only behooves us to be able to have an option that provides a respectable balance between serving ATVMB and people’s personal time.

With this in mind, I leave you with one simple request: take part. I recognize that the past few years have sometimes been frustrating, especially with the slowdown as a result of COVID. That’s why prior to my departure I will be sending a letter to the government that will emphasize the time and effort our members put in to their trails and the immediate need for funding in order to allow you all to succeed and prevent all the good work you’ve done from going to waste.

With a sustainable funding model on the horizon, it is important that ATVMB have strong members and leadership not only to guide the process to completion, but also to ensure that as funding starts coming in there is a solid framework in place. This framework will be critical not only to trail management, but also to respect and incentivize the ongoing, tireless work that so many people dedicate their time to every year.

So I say to you again: take part. ATVMB can’t exist without member clubs and it especially can’t exist without people willing to serve on the board of directors. This year is a year of challenge for the board; continuity is vital to all organizations like ours, and it’s up to us to ensure success. Please consider stepping into a leadership role and serving on the ATVMB board. If you have interest in doing so, you can contact myself, ATVMB Vice President Gary Hora ( or Executive Director Kim Wozniak (

When I bought my ATV in 2009 I never knew or imagined the community that I would be getting involved in just a few short years later. Nor did I imagine where that purchase would take me over the course of the last decade. I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the last decade of my life so enjoyable and I hope to see you again on the trails some day soon.

Armando Brambilla
President, ATVMB

Eastman ATV January 2021 Update

Hello and best wishes for the New Year.

To all of you who ride sleds, I’m happy to see we have just enough snow. Some of our friends are going to Gimli, as riding is good out there, with more snow. We support our fellow sled riders and wish you a good base and tons of powder for a great season! I have attached a provincial update from ATVMB. Next month’s update will have Eastman ATV news.
Wishing you all the best.
Enjoy your time off if you have it.
Enjoy the day.
Enjoy the moment.
Donald C. Eidse

ATVMB Annual General Meeting

The 2020 ATVMB Annual General Meeting, which was to be held in April, was postponed due to the pandemic. Due to the fact that we are currently experiencing an increase in covid cases the ATVMB Board has decided that the 2020 AGM will be held virtually on Thursday, September 17th at 7 p.m. Your invitation to attend is below and we ask that you pre-register using the link contained in the invitation.

ATVMB is currently seeking nominations to the board for three open seats, attached is the nomination form which should be submitted no later than September 14th. All nominees must be aware of and agree to the nomination and must be a member in good standing of their club/ATVMB. Also attached for review prior to the AGM is the agenda, minutes of the 2019 AGM and the 2019 financial statement as prepared by On Business.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: Sep 17, 2020 07:00 PM Winnipeg. Register in advance for this meeting: Zoom Link . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Eastman ATV May 2020 Update

Continue to be aware of 2 Meter Physical Distancing

We have the following Ride changes;
• May 9th Whitemouth Ride Tentatively CANCELED (Once the Province lifts the current 10 person maximum gathering we will have club rides.)
• June 6th ATV Ride for Mom with Eastman ATV is CANCELED. It will be back June 5th 2021.
• June 27th Mars Hill – status to be determined.

From the Provincial government, we are to cancel all non essential travel until further notice. We will abide by this directive as all Manitobans are in an effort to stop transmission of Covid-19. We look forward to getting to our ride schedule as much as you are. As soon as groups of over 10 can meet our rides will go ahead.
Additionally to protect our membership we request that members do not invite guests on rides until further notice. Club rides will be members only. I fully expect we will be having club rides this summer, hopefully for June we will be back on track.
1) Consider where you park, unload, load up that you are giving the proper distance.
2) When you line up for a ride leave 4 meters of space in front of you when coming up to another ORV. This is the same for stops you make during a ride. Please take the necessary action to keep physical distance, and set an example for others.
3) If your machine is being recovered or repaired by someone else, step 2 meters away from your machine until they have completed their task, and they have walked away from your machine before returning to your machine. Effective to stop the transmission;of Covid-19 * keep a distance of 2 meters from others at all times. Wear a face mask or dust mask when in general conversation with other riders.

We have 59 members in our club today.  A really big thank you to these members for showing continued support through this pandemic as this will be a challenging year for many of us. Keeping up with membership allows your club to continue building for tomorrow, that momentum keeps your club focused on trail development so we can go have great rides with your own group or with the club rides. Welcome, welcome new members, we are glad you have joined in support of an organized effort to ensure we have a sustainable trail system now and moving forward, or to come and enjoy club rides  Membership means different things to different people so feel free to attend or not attend club functions. As a member I will keep you informed of all rides, events and updates. I have called most of the membership, and will continue to call all 2020 members to ensure you have received your membership and if you have any questions I can help with. Eastman ATV is looking for a few Trail work volunteers, please contact me and i will give you a call to discuss. 

Special Mention Andy Brant was the 1st president of Eastman ATV Association Inc. He developed the original constitution and organized a number of key people that would go on to be key founders in developing organized ATVing in Manitoba, many thanks to Andy for founding the EATV club we all know today.  At our wind up this fall we will be recognizing the many members that have been a part of this club for both 5 and 10 years, and will celebrate those anniversaries.


DANGER: Please consider, many members care for people in the high risk category or belong to the high risk category. Please respect Physical Distancing,  if we all do that we create a barrier for the high risk.

See all the clubs, join one, 

Free ATVMB Club Membership for One Year!

Looking to buy a new quad or side x side?  If the purchase of a new toy is on your radar this year, make sure you talk to your dealer about the ATVMB one year free club membership on the purchase of a new machine.  Membership has benefits, you will meet great people, learn about all of the great places to ride in Manitoba and generally have a lot of fun! Visit your local powersports dealer today!



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