Eastman ATV September 2022 Update

What a difference a year can make.

Last year we had a backcountry travel ban because of the dry weather and this year we were held up by too much deep standing & running water. All the rainfall seriously damaged trails. It seems the wet weather is ongoing and our volunteers are putting more time in than they have in the past. It is a daunting task to manage these trails. Part of the solution in overcoming trail management is having access to the right tractor that we ( Eastman ATV ) are fundraising to pay for. We have asked the club membership for support and some members have really stepped up. Thank you for your donations big and small, they all count! We still have a long way to go to completely cover the cost. I will provide updates along the way starting in November after our next board meeting. This tractor is an amazing piece of equipment for the club that has helped greatly as it is most suited to do the tasks at hand, and it is within our reach to pay for. 

Eastman ATV is a healthy organization with a full ride schedule. We have a few rides left for this season along with our wind-up. Our board has more members than it ever has.

However, there are a lot of different ways to help.  Maybe you’d like to help with organizing, or perhaps you would like to come out on our pre-rides to help out, or you might like to help with trail repairs and tree clearing.

Do you have any free time during the week?

While purchasing a membership is a big help and greatly appreciated, volunteering can give you a little stewardship which is what brings Eastman ATV members together. When you see “Own the Trail”, we think of trail stewardship. It’s a great feeling! Join Eastman ATV   https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2022  

ATV Ride for Mom 

The Fundraising total was  $11,820 for Cancer Care Manitoba, which is close to what we have raised in the past. Considering this ride was put together in 3 months, we are happy we pulled it off and that we are maintaining the funding stream for Cancer Care Manitoba. This year was more work than anyone would have imagined. After not having the ride for 2 years, it took everything we had to make it work. We had enormous challenges with nature (water) like no other year.  Interesting fact, none of the ATV Ride for Mom prize winners were from Winnipeg. They were all from the country or a small town MB. Have a look at the Ride for Mom video on our YouTube channel. We are looking forward to next year’s event.

A special thank you to our Sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Eastman ATV 2022 Wind Up October 28th

Tickets are on sale now.  Purchase them on the next club ride. Great door prizes again! Thank you to the many many sponsors for this! Looking forward to a few more good rides this year, see you there!

Eastman ATV 2022 Mid July Update

A big thank you to everyone for attending the ATV Ride for Mom. It was a very successful event, everyone I asked  enjoyed the food, the ride, the uplifting atmosphere everyone created. Seeing so many other enthusiasts come out to support the ATV Ride for Mom was heartwarming to say the least.

The lunch area was an enjoyable place to hang out, to see and hear the many very nice machines that were showing up, along with old and new friends.  Everyone enjoyed the incredible weather we had that day, no rain and all blue skies. All positive comments, no accidents or injuries reported, or that we are aware of and that’s a win too!

The volunteers were committed to make the ride, and event safe, job well done! A very special thank you to all the volunteers, you made the event happen by working hard hard and having fun. I hear most volunteers plan on coming back next year.

I would also like to thank our many sponsors, our ATV community sees your support, and many are your customers. We are grateful to our sponsors who provide the funding to put on the event, to the volunteers of Eastman ATV that provide the manpower to run the event and provide a signed route for the day, and to you, the ridder, who enjoys the ride, and makes a donation to support our cause, “Cancer Care Manitoba”.

Eastman ATV had a ride this last Saturday, Mars Hill / Gull Lake. Epic ride, so much fun, great trails, some hilltop scenic sites, lunch stop at Gull with washrooms and beach for a swim. Close to the end of the ride we found a trail with a good water level that you could easily bypass on dry if you wanted, all in gravel so the water was fairly clean, being familiar with the depth, a few ATVs had some clean fun in the water.

Eastman ATV Next Ride Aug 20th at Seddons Corner
We have many rides to look forward to. All members get email updates on specifics of all rides. From beginner to experienced, come enjoy the full day rides with Eastman ATV. Feel free to ask any questions before or after you join.

The following  link  will allow you access membership to Eastman ATV  

Eastman ATV is doing trail maintenance work with a tractor, some of the most aggressive repairs we have ever done. We want to purchase the equipment and not rent anymore. If your company considers a donation of $250- $500 or more, we will put your logo on our Eastman ATV website. Contact me if you are interested in helping Eastman ATV Association Inc.

Do you have a New riding area or Best riding area? Mine would be the Marchand – Woodridge valley ride. We are all interested to know what your favorite ride is, and if I can share your comment.

Help us maintain & repair our trails!

Hey everyone!

The board at Eastman ATV have come to the conclusion that we need to purchase some equipment in order to continue to maintain and improve our trail system. We’ve started a gofundme and are hoping to get your support! Please consider donating and sharing this link to friends and family so we can reach our goal and help the club purchase a tractor so our volunteers can continue making our trail enjoyable by all!


Eastman Ride for Mom Prize Winners!

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Congrats to the winner of our photo frame contest – Charlene Quinlan !!
We had a random number generator pick the number associated with this photo and it’s the winner of the $150 Gift card to Open Road Outlet.
The 50/50 raised $1640 and the prize is $820.
Our 50/50 raffle winning ticket has been drawn! If this is your ticket please respond to Donald Eidse and claim your prize!
$250 Adventure Power Products
Greg L
S.A.R. Sport and Recreation
Joel P
Enns Brothers
Derek F

Did you enjoy the ATV Ride for Mom?

The main reason we have this event is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, and to financially support Cancer Care Manitoba. This was our 5th successful ATV Ride for Mom. We have one last thing to do before starting to prepare for next year.

Each year we want to provide the same or more funding to Cancer Care Manitoba so that we can be considered a reliable Provincial partner by providing a stream of revenue. This year we have had a generous donation from the Manitoba Metis Federation for $5,000 dollars to CCM. A big Thank you to Manitoba Metis Federation. You are a good friend of ours, and of Cancer Care Manitoba. Now it’s the ATV communities turn to match this $5,000 dollar donation. We are over half way there, with about $3,000 in personal donations, for Cancer Care Manitoba , through Eastman ATV. Please go to our website and make a donation or mail us a cheque for Cancer Care Manitoba, to fight the battle against Breast Cancer. Cancer Care Manitoba has made enormous wins and is such a wonderful help for so many families in the hardest of times. It is one of the best foundations to support!


A message from Don Eidse, Ride for Mom Co-Chair and Eastman ATV President.

Ride for Mom Update

Hey everyone! Ride for Mom online registration ends tomorrow morning (Friday) at 8am. After that the only way you’ll be able to register is in person the day of, and it will be $65 instead of $50 online.

In person registration will have limited meals available while supplies last but you can guarantee your food by registering online!

Catering is being provided by Danny’s whole hog.

The start for the ride for mom is at the day use area, the turn off for which is here: https://goo.gl/maps/3FE1fJMQ6B4ZwLF1A

Hope to see you all there!
-Ryan Blair

Eastman ATV June Update

TV Ride for Mom is this Saturday, book now so we can be sure to have your Danny Whole Hog lunch included. The ride is on, the route is much different than the original plan as there is an unusual amount of water in places.

Register online https://eastmanatv.com/product/2022-ride-for-mom-registration

Volunteer here: https://www.slottr.com/eastmanrfm2022

Registration will go up to $65 Friday & Saturday . Book now for $50

We still need volunteers please!!! you will be able to ride the ride after if you would like to. You will be needed at the start only. Contact Bill at bmarsh@eastmanatv.com give him your phone number and he will help you out. Or go straight to and sign up.

We have great news at Eastman ATV and will be making an announcement in the next few weeks.  Membership is ahead of last year with much excitement to our Ride Schedule with the many rides we will have this year.
For today it’s all about The ATV Ride for Mom. Fighting breast cancer is a hard road with no guarantees. The ATV Ride for Mom is our Bold Kick to cancer! A huge thank you to all the volunteers that are working hard now, today and yesterday to give you the best ride we can. You wouldn’t believe the days that go into this. Please come out this sunny Saturday and make a donation  to Cancer Care Manitobawhen you buy your ticket to the ATV Ride for Mom. 

Don C. Eidse

Co-Chair ATV Ride for Mom

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