Eastman ATV May Update

Take a look at the attached statistics for ATV and motorcycle sales growth last year versus this year. It starts out with motorcycle sales, eventually it gets to ATV sales if you are interested it shows a striking change.

On the ground it means more of us out on trails, and if we use the momentum to organize we can expand our safe and responsible riding areas. We understand it’s going to take sustainable tenacity to see our way through an expansion of our current trail. The fact is the trail we call the expansion is a trail that is there already, that we would like to maintain to make it safer and in compliance with the Provincial ORV Trail Manual. We will continue to work with the local RMs and our partners to plan for the future. We look forward to working with the Province again in a productive manner as we once did. All very very nice people in government, but we have had zero progress for any trail expansions large or small. We are all volunteers, we greatly appreciate your continued support. Having more people talking with their provincial representative is what I encourage you to do. We are good stewards of Crown land, this shines through with our excellent track record in managing the trail.

For 2021 we have 127 membership purchases as of April 30th, that is the same as all of 2020. Please support your riding area. Please spend the same as 1/2 tank of gas for yearly support of your trails. Join the many people that see the $45 online, for membership at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021  as your choice to improve your trails. All members receive a “Membership / Voluntary Trail Pass” decal, 2021 Eastman ATV Membership card, and an official Eastman ATV Trail map.
I finally have caught up on the 2021 membership listing and email group. If you are a 2021 member you should have received one email with the attached Ride Schedule. You will continue to receive ride update information throughout the season.

Eastman ATV Group Scheduled RSVP Rides
Currently 10 person maximum outdoor restriction.
We are hopeful that we may be able to ride in groups of 10, when 10 people arrive, the group leaves. We have a couple of large parking lots to accommodate vehicles and a good& number of radios. I will send an update a week or so before the next scheduled ride and we will have a more accurate description for members. Please remember to RSVP Group Ride, that will be a normal requirement as headcount is critical for the season I expect.

ATV Ride for Mom
Experienced letter writers: we need your help, to lobby the provincial government, in order to get a safer route for our growing event. We can raise serious money for CancerCare Manitoba if we provide the proper venue. The Manitoba ORV Community, fueling this fundraising event, has raised $100,000 so far. It is growing into an iconic Manitoba ATV Event. Help take the ATV Ride for Mom into the future.

We look forward to Saturday, June 4th, 2022 let’s make it BIG!

I can’t help saying thank you to all the people I have had the pleasure of talking to over the last months. You feel like a very big family to me, Thank you.

Eastman ATV April Update

It’s going to be a great riding year with our 1st ride on the Eastman ATV Trail. You will get a copy of the exact EATV trail on our color brochure when you receive your membership. I will send you an email, before the ride, with specific information to help you enjoy the ride. The 1st ride we ask members not to invite guests as we need to keep our number of people in check, and we will send an update before the ride.

ATV Ride for Mom
Is canceled this year due to Covid 19. We look forward to Saturday, June 4th, 2022.

Trail Maintenance / Environmental Development

We have attached our work schedule and will update as necessary. If you want to come and help, feel free! Our members are welcome to come and join the fun!
We know, that if good trails are available, the majority of the ORV community will use and enjoy them. A healthy, properly developed trail plan, provides manageable environmental protection, allowing for regrowth. Trails can be moved if needed for environmental management reasons. Having the majority of traffic on maintained trails, is the healthiest long term protection of untouched environments.

Duration; March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022
$45 online for membership at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021
All members receive a “Membership / Voluntary Trail Pass ” decal, 2021 Eastman ATV Membership card, and an official Eastman ATV Trail map.

First Aid
Eastman ATV is planning on holding a St Johns First Aid course. If interested in joining us, please let me know. I can say that I am glad to be here doing my part to support organized ATV riding. Thank you Eastman ATV members for your team work

2021 ATV Ride for Mom Update

Due to the uncertainty of COVID restrictions, the 2021 ATV Ride for Mom, scheduled for Saturday June 5th, is canceled.

We have moved the ATV Ride for Mom to Saturday June 4th 2022!! Last year, the ATV Ride for Mom, raised over $14,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba. The funds raised were achieved without the ride event and without the support of our sponsors. Making a difference doesn’t always require a complicated agenda.

This year, I’m asking our membership to consider investing their time to help CancerCare Manitoba. I will be reporting back after we meet in mid summer, to make a plan. Please let me know if you want to help.

The ATV Ride for Mom is a committee formed by Eastman ATV and we do not take the decision to cancel lightly. This event is there to help the health of Manitobans. Ultimately, the ride cancellation is about respecting the health and well being of our health care workers, and fellow Manitobans. COVID restrictions may still be in place this coming fall. Therefore, planning a ride for that time of year, does not guarantee that the ride wouldn’t be canceled. We want this event to stand out in every one’s mind, while doing right by all Manitobans along with visitors from Ontario, Saskatchewan, Minnesota and North Dakota! The ride welcomes all guests and we don’t want to prevent anyone from attending. So yes, the responsible thing to do is to have the ATV Ride for Mom June, Saturday 4th, 2022.

Thank you Deb Nickel, founder of this event. The energy this event brings to the club is very positive, and the spirit of the “event” touches most of those who have participated. Our club is proud to continue to do our best with treating all RFM events with the care and respect each event deserves.

The ATV Ride for Mom is looking for a breast cancer survivor, to share their story, using Eastman ATV as a platform to raise money for Cancer Care Manitoba. It can be a difficult decision to share one’s story and not everyone is able to do it. However, your story can help and touch many lives. If you are able, please consider this sharing opportunity. You can choose your level of involvement; a little or a lot, this year or next year.

Thank you

Phone format, with the Eastman ATV trail map. We will have scheduled trail clean up and repair dates in advance. These will be added to our Ride Schedule, which will then be forwarded to you in an upcoming update.

If you rode with us last year, you know we enjoyed our riding experiences. Support our trail building and lobbying efforts now and for our future. Buy your Membership for $45.00 at Eastman ATV: online at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021 The Ride Schedule is also available upon request. Please feel free to ask past members what they think of our rides. Come and join us for epic rides this year. Let the good times roll!

ATVMB March Update

Greetings Everyone,

With the snow quickly on the wane, if not fully gone, the 2021 riding season is upon us and it’s no surprise there’s already people out taking advantage of the fantastic weather. We’re also coming up on the ATVMB Annual General Meeting which will be held in April. Due to ongoing uncertainty with public health orders, this year’s meeting will be held virtually as it was last year. Although it cannot replace the social energy of an in-person meeting, it allows people more flexibility with their attendance not having to travel to a destination. I approach this year’s AGM with both melancholy and optimism.

Sadly, my time serving ATVMB has come to an end. It is common for organizations to apply term limits to its board of directors, for good reason. All organizations are vulnerable to stagnation when the players don’t change, therefore it’s vitally important to allow that change to happen in order to bring new people and perspectives to the table. I have had the honor of serving on the ATVMB board of directors for six years, the past nearly four and a half serving as president. During that time we’ve made strides getting our sustainable funding plan moving forward with the government and have started participating as a voice for ATV enthusiasts regarding the government’s future vision for recreational trails in Manitoba. With life slowly returning to normal as people are vaccinated against COVID we are optimistic that these plans will come to fruition.

More than that, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to meet, associate and talk to many people during various rides and events. Whether it be the Iron Man run on the Interlake Pioneer Trail, attending the Outdoor Show, cruising through the Sandilands forest in the southeast or just heading out with a couple of people, it’s been a pleasure to engage with so many people from various backgrounds all joined in a common interest.

Even with COVID inhibiting many organizations from realizing their full potential, some very good things have come from it. When ATVMB realized we would not be able to meet in person due to public health orders, we subscribed to the Zoom service in order to conduct board meetings virtually. Although when able we will return to periodic in-person meetings, the current plan is to use Zoom almost exclusively as we found that it provides a significant amount of flexibility in allowing people to serve on the board. Especially for those living in the rural areas where travel can be prohibitive. It only behooves us to be able to have an option that provides a respectable balance between serving ATVMB and people’s personal time.

With this in mind, I leave you with one simple request: take part. I recognize that the past few years have sometimes been frustrating, especially with the slowdown as a result of COVID. That’s why prior to my departure I will be sending a letter to the government that will emphasize the time and effort our members put in to their trails and the immediate need for funding in order to allow you all to succeed and prevent all the good work you’ve done from going to waste.

With a sustainable funding model on the horizon, it is important that ATVMB have strong members and leadership not only to guide the process to completion, but also to ensure that as funding starts coming in there is a solid framework in place. This framework will be critical not only to trail management, but also to respect and incentivize the ongoing, tireless work that so many people dedicate their time to every year.

So I say to you again: take part. ATVMB can’t exist without member clubs and it especially can’t exist without people willing to serve on the board of directors. This year is a year of challenge for the board; continuity is vital to all organizations like ours, and it’s up to us to ensure success. Please consider stepping into a leadership role and serving on the ATVMB board. If you have interest in doing so, you can contact myself, ATVMB Vice President Gary Hora (vp@atvmb.ca) or Executive Director Kim Wozniak (manager@atvmb.ca).

When I bought my ATV in 2009 I never knew or imagined the community that I would be getting involved in just a few short years later. Nor did I imagine where that purchase would take me over the course of the last decade. I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the last decade of my life so enjoyable and I hope to see you again on the trails some day soon.

Armando Brambilla
President, ATVMB

Eastman ATV March Update

Correction from last month Feb Update; its – Robert Nuttall, not Richard that accepted the nomination to sit on the nomination committee, and in addition he will be leading some of the rides. Leading rides requires several skills including GPS & radio crew coordination, we will all support Robert and appreciate the extra time Robert and all Rolland’s Ride Crew to hosts such enjoyable rides. Speaking of Rolland’s Ride Schedule…

See attached Ride Schedule

This year will be 2021 members only, sorry no open rides. It’s going to be a great riding year with our 1st ride on the Eastman ATV Trail. You will get a copy of the exact EATV trail on our color brochure when you receive your membership, I will send you an email before the ride with that date specific information you need to enjoy the ride.

ATV Ride for Mom – Update coming March 13th … – Ride tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 5th

Thank you Members of Eastman ATV

If this is your 5th year as a member of Eastman ATV, congratulations, you will receive a “Member 5 Years Decal” A small way of saying thank you, for being part of Eastman ATV. If you have been a member for 5 years or more and you do not get a decal with your new membership, please let me know, I will correct it. You are all part of our success today in one way or another! A genuine thank you!

10 year membership will be celebrated at our annual Steak and Spud Wind Up we are expecting to have, see the event schedule. It would be great to see you 5 and 10 year members at the wind up, pencil it in please. Again we await a change in indoor restrictions before we confirm the event.

Trail Maintenance and Development

Maintenance and development are ongoing, we applied for the “Building Sustainable Communities Program” a 50/50 grant, and we are in communications with Provincial land managers regarding ongoing projects.


$45 online for membership at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021

All members receive a “Membership / Voluntary Trail Pass ” decal, 2021 Eastman ATV Membership card, an official Eastman ATV Trail map along with the monthly scheduled rides, see attached.

We have T-shirts, hats and toques for $20 each.

Eastman ATV February 2021 Update

What’s new for February on your board of directors?
Richard Nuttall has accepted the nomination to sit on the nomination committee. Richard is passionate about Eastman ATV, he recognizes the direction of the club, and the goodwill it generates. Richard takes his position as Director seriously and is involved in the board’s actions and has become very active on the ride crew.
Bill Marsh has accepted the nomination of Secretary. Bill has been riding Eastern Manitoba trail for many years and knows the Sandilands in great detail. Bill has helped at the Ride for Mom registration for many years, thank you Bill.

Membership Registration Open
We have opened our online family membership. One price $45, same as always, continues to provide a great value package. Please join online at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021 it’s less work for our volunteers online and it’s more accurate as it’s only entered once, by you. Considering we have a membership forecast of 150 memberships, supporting online registration, its the only way we can continue to grow. Online renewals are easy to complete, we have the info you gave us, change it if you need to. From people who want to join the club for the rides, or who want to become more active on the board and/or committee’s; to people who don’t have interest in club rides but would like to support our trail development and maintenance: this club’s for you. What is included in membership? We will have a schedule of about 8 events, mostly club rides to enjoy and to become a part of. If you are helping on pre-rides you will get double the rides. There will be more information next month, with the Ride Schedule!
Members will receive our package in the mail. Included is 1 -ATVMB sticker, 1 – 4 ” Eastman ATV “Membership /Trail Pass Decal”, a membership card, showing your name, number, and current year, (it can be taken in for a 10% insurance discount on your ORV at Toys Are Us Insurance.), an EastmanATV membership brochure with ORV information, and a map of the official Eastman ATV Trail.
Once you become a member, you will receive a Members Ride Update email every riding month. The update will provide details of the upcoming ride and member specific information. In addition,you will receive the general monthly Eastman ATV Update, that goes to the wider Eastman ORV community.

Please go online and get your membership at https://eastmanatv.com/product/membership-2021 

ORV Maintenance:
If you haven’t done it, schedule your ORV maintenance now. Don’t be caught overheating or worse on a group ride or small group. New or old, any brand, they are all fun as long as they run. On top of taking care of your own machine many members carry various parts, that’s being prepared for anything. Maintenance and preparation is an enjoyable part of group rides, be prepared and then it’s way more fun.

Looking forward to the rides ahead!

Eastman ATV January 2021 Update

Hello and best wishes for the New Year.

To all of you who ride sleds, I’m happy to see we have just enough snow. Some of our friends are going to Gimli, as riding is good out there, with more snow. We support our fellow sled riders and wish you a good base and tons of powder for a great season! I have attached a provincial update from ATVMB. Next month’s update will have Eastman ATV news.
Wishing you all the best.
Enjoy your time off if you have it.
Enjoy the day.
Enjoy the moment.
Donald C. Eidse

Provincial Government Trail Strategy

Please consider completing the survey through the link below. The more of us that do, the more we are in the decisions that lay in front of us. The provincial government would like all trail stakeholders and interested parties to participate in a survey regarding a provincial trail strategy. Here is the link to the survey, https://engagemb.ca/manitoba-trails-strategy.  This is important and we appreciate your participation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Eastman ATV December 2020 Update

The 2020 riding season is coming to an end. In spite of Covid-19, we had a full ride season. Did you have a good number of rides, where you hadn’t been before? Did you enjoy meeting fellow members and sharing your riding experiences? I think many new friends were made, ones that we are looking to reconnect with next year. I have made some longtime friends in our community. These new friendships grow every year and statistically, we are finding that there is a growing number who are staying with the club. We look forward to reconnecting when the clubs start up again in 2021.

The expected growth of the club is expected to be about 20%, meaning around 150 memberships could be purchased for 2021. If you have been with the club a year or two to please consider volunteering to help with the new members. I know time is valuable, and I respect and value your time. However, If you can make some time, it would be greatly appreciated. Our organizing efforts are making a difference for your club, and for others in Manitoba who are less fortunate. Volunteering will provide you with opportunities to shape your club and enjoy the great company of your fellow ORV community.

This year 2020 Eastman ATV, in support of the ATV Ride for Mom Fundraising Event, raised $14,645 for Cancer Care Manitoba, by fundraising alone! 100% to CancerCare Manitoba. Below a reply from Sherelle Kwan with Cancer Care Manitoba on our 2020 event.

Hi Don:
It looks like the grand total for this year’s Eastman ATV Ride For Mom is $14,645 WOW!!! Truly wonderful. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is extremely grateful for the amazing support from the Eastman ATV Ride For Mom. This year has certainly been challenging for so many due to COVID-19 and although the event was cancelled your dedication to help those touched by cancer didn’t stop. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. You are truly making a difference for so many Manitobans touched by cancer. We look forward to the 2021 event. With your help there is hope!
Sherelle Kwan
Community Events Manager CCMF

Why do we make the investment in organizing? I asked Armando Brambilla, President of ATVMB for the past 4 years. Armando started helping the ORV community back in 2013 by re-building the website for ATVMB. In 2014, he joined the ATVMB board of directors. After a few years as a director at large, he accepted the nomination for VP. Armando continues to provide good leadership as Chairman of the board. He has been a member of Eastman ATV and served Eastman’s board for about 1.5 years, during which time he was the treasurer. He has been on the planning committee for the two ATV Ride for Dad events Part of his role, with all these organizations, includes attending many events and trade shows, as a representative. Armando, is currently a member of The Sandhogs ATV club.   I asked Armando, “Why do we make the investment in organizing?

ATVing as a leisure activity has exploded in popularity over the past 20 years. There are well over 45 thousand registered ATVs and side-by-sides in Manitoba. This has driven the need for accessibility to safe riding areas for enthusiasts from beginner to expert. We organize for one main reason: we are stronger together. Not only do we meet people from all walks of life who have common interests; we, as ATVMB advocates, (on behalf of ATV enthusiasts, with the government,) create a strong base which amplifies our standing and makes more of an impact. In addition, the government prefers to deal with one representative organization rather than many small ones. As membership increases, so does the community’s standing.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the success of our club. It is the combined effort of all of us that energize our club. We are very fortunate to have such good people around us.

The black in our logo represents the trails we manage, (the stewardship of the trail Eastman ATV is responsible for). I am proud to say that we take care of our trail like we own it.

I particularly want to thank our secretary Greg Gowryluk, who will be stepping down from the board this year. Greg will leave Eastman in excellent shape. He developed a straightforward process for minute taking, managing the cloud for document storage of club info. He manages both the ATV Ride for Mom and EastmanATV websites. In addition he processes, builds and mails out all membership packages from the online store he built. He has been the acting VP, (without the title) and the unofficial general manager of Eastman ATV. Greg will continue to co-chair for the 2021 ATV RFM and assist in the background, for the necessary online aspects of the club.

It will take more than a few people to replace you Greg. We will all miss you at the board. Thank you again for your many years of valuable work.

I look forward to being part of your ORV experience next year.

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